Mike and Erin Hannum photo by Michelle HaymozLiving Sukha was created by Mike Hannum and Erin Hannum with the aspiration of sowing the seeds of health, mindfulness, compassion and wisdom. Our mission is to inspire and serve people in their efforts to cultivate and embody wholeness, which is the foundation for true healing, genuine realization and a life of meaning and fulfillment. We share, together and individually, Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhist meditation techniques, and kirtan music in a variety of different formats.

Sukha is a Sanskrit word often translated as “ease” or “happiness”. Its opposite is dhukha, which means “suffering”, “a sense of lack” or “dis-ease”. Matthieu Richard, a French-born Buddhist monk and the author of “Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill” offers the following insight and then a beautiful definition of sukha:

“There exists a way of being that underlies and suffuses all emotional states, that embraces all the joys and sorrows that come to us. A happiness so deep that, as Georges Bernanos wrote, “nothing can change it, like the vast reserve of calm water beneath a storm.”


“Sukha is the state of lasting well-being that manifests itself when we have freed ourselves of mental blindness and afflictive emotions. It is also the wisdom that allows us to see the world as it is, without veils or distortions. It is, finally, the joy of moving toward inner freedom and the loving-kindness that radiates toward others.”

Yogic practices help us to understand the nature of suffering, its causes and cures while also providing a proven path towards greater levels of well-being, towards more sukha. However, we have to actually follow the path, which means living it….. embracing the formal practices and yoga’s ethical precepts as well as a vigilant mindfulness in our daily lives. This is what we mean by Living Sukha.